Screenshots From The Quake Levels

Return to the main page Here are screenshots of the four Quake levels I have made. I dought I will make any more, because I am on the Quake 2 editing bandwagon at the moment.
(whose pulling this bandwagon?).
You can get previews of the upcoming Quake 2 levels at the Quake 2 level screenshot page, you will be able to download them when they are finished.

Click on a screenshot for a 640 X 480 enlarged version.
If you do not know how to load the maps, click here


Astrus Base was the third Quake level I made. Its a fairly large level.
Astrus Base is a holding place for lost souls, with housing areas places next to slimy lakes.
Unfortunately, with the monsters there the lost souls wan't to make their way to earth.
This would be disasterous for earth, so you must help prevent the lost souls migration by restoring their home.

Here's the monster waterside resort.

A construction site

Nice view out the window


This is a 2-4 player deathmatch level. A wierd kind of house. I originally started this as a single player level (hence the monsters), but then decided to make it a deathmatch level later on. Its good for anything from 2 to 8 players. You can have more if you love a bloodbath!

The church

Another nice outside view

A potential sniping spot


A deathmatch level for 2 to 4 players. It small so you willget fast paces action in 1 on 1 games. I built it because I felt I needed a smaller level to play in. Small and detailed, it will give great deathmatches with few players without ever getting slow.

Could be a church?

The back of the building.


A deathmatch level for 2 to 4 players. Here is a small, but detailed level for deathmatch, particulary for 1 on 1 games. It had an egyptian/medievil motif. Although I mixed texture themes, I think they work well together. Note, the screenshots are from Gl Quake.

Egyptian themed arena.

Egyptian themed pool.  Watch for the Rotfish!


It is a large military base style level with a
high monster count. This is a Borax production factory that was taken over by the monsters
because they need the Borax. DK Products, the company that owns the factory approached you
to reclaim the factory. You know how to keep a secret. We don't want the government or
military finding out about this, do we?

The factory foyer

The communications centre

The entrance to the ill fated factory


Enter the house of a twisted scientist who experimented with the dead in his private mansion. Using interdimensional wormholes and the dead from the nearby graveyard he took control of a grisly force. Now that he is dead you can put a stop to it once and for all

Within the mansion.

The gallery

The mansions entrance, and the graveyard.


My first Quake level. Mostly experimental. Its a Med Lab used by the Quake fiends for
medical experiments, you know what to do!

Imposing architecture

Command control

Entrance to the residential area of the Med Labs

You can download all these levels from the download page

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In case you have not played addon Quake levels before, you may not know how to load them. I know I didn't initially know. Using your favourite file manager, or the good 'ol dos prompt, make a directory called "MAPS" in the "ID1" directory, which is in your "QUAKE" directory, the tree should look like this
        | -----MAPS

Unzip the map into your maps directory and take a gander at the text file that came with it.
To play the map, load Quake as you normally would and in the console type "Skill X" where X is the skill level you play at, the type MAP MAPNAME" where MAPNAME is the name of the BSP file, do not add the .BSP, eg forAstrus Base, unzip into the quake\id1\maps directory and in the console type MAP ASTRUS.
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