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You can download the files here by clicking on the links. My levels are at the top of the page.
I have also included other levels, files which I believe make good gameplay.
I have not rated them, but given a description in what it is. I will add more to this and hopefully
make it a comprehensive list of levels I like.
If you want your level, TC, PC in this list, e-mail me and I will look at it and include it in the list.

 Download DkShrine2

Astrus Base

The Borax Factor

Med Labs

Heavy Industry

Borax 3

The Ulysses Project (5.5 meg)

Den's Haus

Den's Haus 2

Den's Haus 3

Den's Palace

Borax II

Home of Duelling Evil

Orbital Fortitude

My first Doom levels
These are the very first levels I created using DoomEd. Unfortunately, level 4 stuffed up, so only the first 3 are available. These levels have been touched up a little, but not much. They are pretty crappy compared to the other levels on this page, but I still load them up and play through them from time to time.

Other Doom and Doom II wads

Doom City
This is a Doom 2 level that takes place in a city suburb. Good for single
player and deathmatch, it has new textures and music. The suburb is well done,
with a bank, 7-11 and a petrol station. It's realistic, very original and great fun to play.

Colony 7
This Doom 2 level takes place on a UAC colony on Mars. You have
to escape from your detention cell and run amok a large and convincing city style
landscape that is exceptionally well done. The monster
placement is good, and you will always be kept on toes, with re-inforcements
being sent into the doomed base while you are trying to get out.

Aliens-x (2.2 MEG)
This is an Aliens TC. Its different from the other, more popular one, but I like this
one because it has 27 levels! Thats a lot of alien killing carnage!
The levels are not original, you may have played some of them before and they may
not be as detailed as the other Alien TC. If you want to play through some new levels,
with SCARY aliens, and I do mean scary, get this WAD.

The architecture and design are somewhat standard, but I found it fun to
play. Another outdoorsy level with lots of tall buildings and long tunnels.

New City
A city level for Doom. Like Doom City, this recreates an urban
area, except its on a larger scale. The design is good. There are new textures and
the different parts of the city, such as the hotel, police station and tailors are well done.
The tourist information
centre has a map of the city showing where the key cards are. The puzzles
are also good, making this a problem solving level, and a fun one at that.

The Invasion
This is a Doom 1 megawad, it replaces all 4 episodes of ultimate Doom, as well
as adding in new music, sounds, monsters and textures. The levels range in quality from
good to superb. There is some very intense fighting in some very original enviroments, as
well as quite a bit of puzzle solving, which adds an extra element to the game.

Probably some of the best Doom II levels since the release of Doom II. This wad
contains 7 challenging and magnificently crafted levels. Throughout the levels I was
struggling for health and ammo, while trying to solve interesting puzzles.
The design quality is equal to that of iD. This is a must have.

Simpsons Doom 1
The name pretty much says it all. All the demons replaces with various
Simpsons characters and new sounds.
The sounds actually work well and sound like they belong where they are and the sprites are
pretty good. This is for Doom 1.

Simpsons Doom 2
This is similar to Simpsons for Doom 1. Pretty much just simpsons for
Doom 1, with some changes in sounds, and the Doom II monsters replaced.
Its worth getting, even of you have Simpsons Doom 1.

Hoover Dam
A Doom II level that replicates the Hoover Dam. I have never seen it, but I guess
its a good replica.
It is a single player wad, requiring you to edge along the cliffs and clear out caves.

The Graveyard
Doom 1 three level wad that starts in a graveyard and ends in the same graveyard!
The most interesting thing about this WAD is that you revisit parts of previous levels!
This was much like a Quake II unit, going forward to get a key, then go back to
the start to use it. Of course in this wad it is an illusion, but its very convincing.

A Doom II deathmatch level in a mall, with a pet store,
music store, sports store and food court. New sounds,
textures and village people music!

Wierd name for a WAD but nice level with consistent gameplay.
It was the authors first attempt, and not a bad one at that.

Quake levels and conversions

Widely recognised as the best quake addon, it's
not hard to see why. Zerstorer has 7 new single player levels,
and 5 new deathmatch ones, new guns, monsters and powerups.
This is Quake at its most hellish. The atmosphere is reminiscent of
Doom in parts, with blood, flesh and slime scattered around and a
general feeling of dementedness and evil. The story is helped
along by cut scenes, and as a single player game, it's
top notch. This is definately worth the download.
I strongly recommend you get this now, if you don't
you are denying yourself a memorable Quake experience.

Ghost Town
A unique, original level. With many levels being
much like others, its good to see that there are levels that are
nothing like anything else out there. This level is based in a ghost town,
at about 1806. The town is very convincing. Play at skill 0 to shoot
about 100 grunts in a real shotgun toting kill fest.

End of Time
A great military base style level, but still somewhat original. Great
gameplay and detailed architecture, it is about as good as military base
style levels get.

Prey 2
Done by the author of End of Time, Prey 2 is somewhat similar.
Seeing as End of Time was such a great level, thats hardly a criticism.

The Corpseyard
A Quake deathmtach level by Tom Hall. A square arena with a lava
lake underneath, and towers at the corners to snipe from. Watch for the frogs!

The Citadel of Doom
A very detailed mansion style level, similar to Gloom Keep in Episode 1.
Some intense fighting here that you usually don't find in other Quake levels.
Just be warned that due to the detail, this level may run slower than others.

Jaw Breaker
A military base style level, and a HUGE one at that. Gameplay is good,
never getting annoying hard, or slow a dull. There are ton's of monsters and the design
is superb. If killing over 100 grunts, enforcers and rottwielers in one level is your idea
of fun, this is a level for you.

The Secret Installation
Unbelievable level by Ikka "Fingers" Keranen. Looks like it came out of Quake II, well
designwise anyway. All new textures, brutal gameplay and jaw dropping architecture. Probably
one of the best Quake 1 levels there is.

Quake 2 levels and conversions

Fatal Operation
A good military base style single player level. It's not one of the largest
levels around, but it's fun to play and detailed. A great level for a quick Strogg
killing fix.

Strogg Hideout
Although its a small level, this level shows how small
is sometimes good. This is a great level to play for a quick Strogg killing

A Quake 2 level by Ikka Keranen. This is a military base style level. Like
his other work, it provided challenging gameplay and detailed architecture that
is just oozing with quality.

Wellspring of Murk (approx 2 Meg)
Nice Quake 2 level with new textures and sounds.
The attention to detail, both architectural and game play wise is impressive.
The gameplay is a little light, which is great if you dont want to be encumbered
with tons of monsters and puzzles that are frustrating to solve. The corridors
in level looked great, and there was not one area of the map where it
got dull.

Avarice and Torment
This is a 3 level Quake II unit in which you must destroy a strogg reactor.
This unit gives the impression of being one large level, rather than 3 seperate levels.
Architecture and gameplay were good, in particular the huge indoor rooms populated
with large pipes and lava.

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