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Screenshots of the Quake 2 levels. Only three screenshots? Don't want to give too much away! If you want to see more, download the level and play it for yourself!

Click on a screenshot for an enlarged version.

If you do not know how to load the maps, click here


My first Quake II level, but with Quake level experience, I know what I am doing. It is a Base1 style level, but then again, its kind of original. It really doesn't fit any one theme. This is Borax II, the second base in the asteriod belt that you must shut down to allow the mining of the Asteroid belt by the Coalition of Man.

The Warehouse
The Warehouse

The Entrance
The Entrance to the Level

Control Room
The Control Room


A deathmatch level that is suitable for 2 players. This helps to fill the void of good deathmatch levels are are small enough for one on one matches. You can play up to 8 players. This level features some very good coloured lighting effects.

No one to shoot

Watch for players hiding under water.

You can trap your opponents in this pit and then fill it with lava


An industrial style level,like the cooling towers or the toxic waste disposal system in Quake II. It still has an original feel though, like all my levels. This is one of the larger Quake II levels available, so if you like large levels, this is for you!

Please note that in the text file where this home page is, I put
and extra .COM after geocities. It shout read WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/Times.....

This level got the 3D Gamers Edge seal of approval award. Click on the award to visit the site. Look for Borax II and Heavy Industry while you are there and see what someone else has to say about them.

Flags waving in the air

Large hanger like area

Heading into the mines


The Ulysses Project is a 5 level unit.

A clan of renegade Strogg, who have avoided destruction are consolidating their power be reconstructing a new Makron, with superior intelligence. If finished, it will be unstoppable.

Your task is to make sure it never becomes a reality by fighting through 5 large, and unique levels.

The Military Base

The Military Base

The Human Processor

The Human Processor

Chimneys blowing their stack



A palace/hotel level that features a swimming
pool, disco and even a bar. It is a large, and unique level for Quake II. Check the screenshots below to see some of the archictecture and lighting effects that you will see when you play this level.

A luxurious entrance.

A palace style area.

You cant see the enemy here, because this is deathmatch mode!


This is my latest, and possibly my last Quake 2 level. It is also one of my favourites. The action takes place upon an asteroid in the asteroid belt surrounding the planet, the last stronghold of the Strogg. This is a tech base style level with many open area and even a monster generator! The level snakes around and provides a few challenges and puzzles for the player.

The Start of the Level

The levels start

Even Strogg are punished with paperwork!

Launch Pad
You cant see the enemy here, because this is deathmatch mode!

In case you have not played addon Quake 2 levels before, you may not know how to load them.
Using your favourite file manager, or the good 'ol dos prompt, make a directory called "MAPS" in the "BASEQ2" directory, which is in your "QUAKE2" directory, the tree should
look like this
                | -----MAPS
Unzip the map into your maps directory and take a gander at the text file that came with it.
To play the map, load Quake 2 as you normally would and in the console type "Skill X" where X is the skill level you play at, the type MAP MAPNAME" where MAPNAME is the name of the BSP file, do not add the .BSP, eg for Heavy Industry, unzip into the quake2\baseq2\maps directory and in the console type MAP HEAVYIND. For PAK files, see The Ulysses Project page.

You can download all these levels from the download page
(when they are finished)

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