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Thursday, 6 October 2011

The site has been updated! Now hosted on the webspace my ISP provides rather than the GeoCities site this was on, until that is, GeoCities closed down.

Nothing has been added, but there will soon be a page for Pavel Shangin's levels.  Also, there is another website coming up with programming stuff.  But my level editing days are over, and this site is here for posterity and as an archive.  Also a tribute to old school 1990's GeoCities style web authoring.

Monday, 5 March 2007

* Yes, logged back on! Updates to this site coming your way!
It's been seven years. People have still been playing the levels,
but since I retired I haven't really been worried about this site
Also, I thought I wouldn't be able to log back on and update it.
Obviously, I was wrong. So, the site will be updated. I will
update the screenshots, the ones there are crusty and taken
without 3D acceleration. Also, I need to add the new levels
I have made and a new page for levels created by Pavel Shangin,
a Russian Quake 2 level maker who's levels I've been testing
and critiquing. For those who thought no new Quake 2 levels
were being made, you'll be pleasantly surprised with these
levels. They're of great quality and are quite enjoyable
to play.
As to when the site will be updated, I'm not sure.
Been busy with real life and other activities and I don't
think I will return to mapping, then again, I didn't think
I'd return to this site, so who knows?
Monday, 9 August 1999

*Made a new Quake 1 deathmatch level, Den's Haus 3, check
the Quake screenshot page for more details.
Wednesday 7 July , 1999

*Den's Palace has been uploaded a while ago and available.
*I have not touched Star City yet, must get it finished.
Sunday 23 May , 1999

*Starcity and my palace level are nearly done, still have not given the palace level a name.
*Fixed a few links and spelling errors.
*Added Borax 4 to the download page, forgot to do that before.
*I think I fixed the link to DKSHRINE 2
Thursday 13 May , 1999

*Started what is almost definately my last level. Star City.
It is a level that I have always wanted to make, ever since my Doom editing days.
I have decided that its a good way to retire.
I may make a level later on, but I think it wont be for a while.
*My palace level is nearly done. Have not given it a name yet.
Friday 30 April , 1999

*This Website is 1 year old today!
*I am getting tired of people blaming games such as Doom for
violence in society. No one has yet come to any firm conclusions, but I would
like to add my 2 cents here. I have been a Doom fan since Doom existed, I've played it,
made levels and know many others who have done the same. We are all perfectly
normal people. However, there are people that use games, videos, heavy metal
music as a scapegoat, avoiding the REAL cause. The problem lies with an apethetic
and in-human society where we must live with alienation and constant harassment and
As a victim of school yard bullies, I can understand how the
Littleton killers were driven over the edge,
although I would never kill, the frustration and knowledge that there is little or nothing
that you can do builds hate and anger.
The lesson to be learned from all this, is that violent games, videos and music
ARE a symptom, but ultimatately, what would tip an unstable mind over the edge
is something more substantial and serious. Unfortunately, it seems that people
are willing to accept that THEY are to blame. Everyone who is apathetic to what is
going on around them, everyone who claims that there is no problem, everybody
who does not realise that the system is driving people mad and everyone who tries to
shirk the responsibility to others.
Unfortunately, I dont think we will realise this. These massacres will happen again and again
until people do.
Monday 26 April , 1999

*I have been working on a new map for a while, and was planning
on entering it into a competition and couldnt show it around.
But because I didn't get it finished in time, I can show it.
I have not yet got a name for it, but it is a palace style level.
It is a luxury hotel and is unlike any other Quake II level.
There are two preview shots on the Quake II screenshot
page. It may be finished in a fortnight, but I am not putting all
that much time into it.
* ANZAC day yesterday. Lest we Forget.
* I have not yet finished HOLYCOW!.WAD. I must get
it done soon.
*On Friday, this website will be 1 year old.
Sunday 11 April , 1999

* You may notice the new screenshots for The Ulysses Project. They
are Gl Screenshots.
* Again a reminder that you can put your levels on this page if you wish.
Just tell me about your level, and where I can get it, and I will look at it and add it
to the download section. Check the download section for other levels made by other
people. I'll include screenshots of any notably good levels.
I made this site not only to distribute my levels, but other levels, in particular
good single player levels. I'm not really interested in deathmatch levels. There
are too many of them, and are usually to large anyway.
Sunday 4 April , 1999

*Updated some screenshots.
*Fixed a few typos.
*Watch for more levels on the download page.
Thursday 4 February, 1999

*Going to upload Home of Duelling evil and make more adjustments to the page.
*Have not started any new levels, and probably won't. I know I have said this
before, but I think I mean it this time, I think....... If someone payed me, then hell, I
would love to make more.
*Added a few levels to the download page. If you want your
level, PC, TC or whatever on the page, e-mail
me with the address I can download your production, I'll look
at it and put it on. Unlike other sites, I'll put ALL levels on,
even if they are just 'average'. It's a good way to get
people to download you level-PC-TC.
*I can't believe I neglected these important events.
The Ulysses project was finished in Mid-November and has been
available for a while. I've gotten quite a bit of e-mail from people
telling me they liked it. Thanks!
*Borax 3 and Dmhaus 2 are 2 Quake levels I made.
Borax 3 is single player, and Dmhaus 2 Deathmatch. Dmhaus 2 only
took me 1 day!
*Borax 4 is a level for Doom (Yes I'm Doom editing agiain).
Its actually for Boom, and used Boom's additions.
Its HUGE, over 600 sectors!
Wednesday 3 February, 1999

*Borax 4 is nearly done, its Huge!
*Borax 3 and Dmhaus2 are available on the download page. I fixed all the other links too.
I had the levels, but there was no way of downloading them. You can now.
*I quickly made a new Quake II level, Home of Duelling Evil. Check the Quake2 screenshot page.
Tuesday 25 August, 1998

*I have added this page to the Doom Web ring.
Check out the bottom of the main page, its a cool way to link
various site's with a similar theme together. Thanks to the maintainers
of the ring for asking me to join, as I would probably not have bothered.
*I think that the Ulysses project is 90% done, if you are interested in
testing this for me (as I am hopeless at testing),
e-mail me for info
Saturday 22 August, 1998

*Been a long time since an update.
I've nearly finished the Ulysses Project, I'm working on the last level now.
If you are interested in testing a beta version, e-mail me.
Thursday 2 July, 1998

*Started the next level, it a Jail level! It will have cells and instruments
on torture to play with. There is a screenshot on the Quake II
screenshot page.
Friday 26 June, 1998

*Updated the page.
*I came up with a possible name for my unit, The Ulysses Project
Might not use it though.
*Added a new screenshot from the first level of the Ulysses Project.

Tuesday 23 June, 1998

*Fixed the link to DkShrine in the download page. Sorry about that.
It was looking for the file on my hard drive.
*I have thought about adding flats from Doom to form a background for this web page.
I'll do in when I am sure that its O.K. (legal wise that is). If you know that it is NOT
O.K. to do, e-mail me. If you know that it is O.K., well e-mail me. I have
seen quite a few people do it, and it looks cool.

Monday 22 June, 1998

*Heavy Industry got the 3D Gamers Edge seal of Approval!
Check out the links page for a link to 3D gamers edge.
*The first level of my new unit is nearly finished
*Just a note saying exams really suck. They're degrading and pointless

Tuesday, 16 June, 1998

*Heavy Industry has been uploaded, should be
available do download soon.
*The new unit is looking good, there is a
screenshot on the Quake II screenshot page.
Friday, 12 June, 1998

*Heavy Industry is finished!*
It will be uploaded real soon, today or tommorow. It
looks really good. I have started the next project, making a level and new graphics.
The level isn't finished yet though!
Thursday, 4 June 1998

*Heavy Industry is almost finished.  Just
a bit of fine tuning left. Might be uploaded early next week.
*I'm not putting a GAMEX86.DLL in my next project because
iD is still releasing patches, which will mean
that I will have to release new version.
Its not worth the hassle.
*Quake 3.15 is out, check the download page.
Thursday, 28 May 1998

*Heavy Industry is nearly finished.  It's looking really good.
*Borax II has got a few reviews, O.K. reviews, but one that was good.
* I'm planning to release a 3 or 4 level
unit after Heavy Industry. I have been making
levels one by one, and I kind of liked making the
mega WAD that is Dk Shrine.
I have therefore decided to do one for
Quake II but with fewer levels. I'm planning on new
sounds, textures, new skie(s) and possibly simple
cut scenes and changes to the GameX86.Dll to change
gameplay, such as additions of new monsters,
powerups or other small stuff, but I'll probably
leave this out and just stick with levels.
If Quake II gets updated again, I will have to
release an updated .DLL and it will be a pain
trying everyone who has my level to get it.
I'm planning on a unique look so the levels will
look nothing like the ones in Quake II and possibly
nothing like ANY Quake II levels. I would hate to
make a level that looks like a level someone else made.
Saturday, 16 May, 1998

*Borax II has been reviewed a couple of times.  
The reviews were not great, but then again not bad.
Basically its a level showing promise. I didn't think it was
that great as it was more of an experiment than a level.
*Heavy Industry is looking much better, but I have leaks to fix, AARRGGHH!
*I am thinking of making a 3 level unit after this, but I'm not to sure on that.
Wednesday, 6 May 1998

*Borax II is finished!  It has finally been compiled and will be uploaded to 
You can download it from the download page. Meanwhile, check out the screenshots.
*This page was finally put on the net last Monday.
*Heavy Industry is coming along nicely. There is a new screenshot on the
Quake II screenshot page of Heavy Industry.
Saturday, 2 May 1998

*Added download page and Shrine info Page
*Borax II nearly, nearly done, maybe by Monday?
*This page is still not on the net!
*Added links page


Thursday, 30 April 1998

* Created this page!
* Added screenshots to the page and everything else
NOTES: I expect to have Borax II done by the 10th of May at the latest. I just have a couple
of things to adjust and I also to compile it, which will take a little while
More will be added to this site very soon. Including more links, and
more added to the download section.

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