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Here are links to other cool sites.

Doom World
Here is Doom World. If you thought Doom on the internet was dead, think again. This site has the latest news, some links and more. Best of all its still being updated

3D Gamers
Lots of info about all 3D games, as well as doom.

Blues News
The ultimate Quake news site. Covers Quake II, and other 3D games as well.

3D gamers edge

This is a good Quake II level review site. They have detailed reviews of many levels. If you are looking for other levels, try this site. Note, this is a different site from 3D Gamers.

Quake II.Com
Quake II site, what more can I say. Latest news and lots of other stuff.

Doom Nation
This is another Doom news site. Also has WAD reviews, and Doom forums covering various topics.

On a different topic....
Windows is the first program to actually have independant thought.
Unfortunately, its malevolent. Here's a site where people express Their grievences against Bill Gates.

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