Screenshots From My Doom & Doom II Levels

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Here are screenshots of other Doom/Doom II levels I have created, including my first attempts.

There is only one real level here. My 20 level Doom II WAD, the shrine, is on a seperate page. If you are interested in the shrine, click here.

If you do not know how to load the maps, click here


Borax 4 is a huge level for Doom. It uses the Boom engine, so if you dont have Boom, you must download it before you can play this level. Boom is an extended version of Doom with many editing features.

In Borax 4 you are in a base, situated in the gray, foggy mountains of phobos. You must escape from the base and ascend a nearby mountain.

A toxic cesspool

The centre of the base.

Do you think they will let you in so easily?


Not finished, but will be an outdoorsy Doom II level.


These are the very first levels I made. Not that great, but I decided to put them on my site. This is a 3 level Doom wad that is exclusive to this site. It is not available elsewhere. I decided that they probably not worth uploading, but then again you may still find it fun...

You can download all these levels from the download page

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Just put the WAD in your Doom/DoomII/Boom directory, depending on what game the wad was made for, and add the command line parameter

-file xxxx.WAD, where xxxx is the name of the wad, you MUST specify the .WAD

e.g, to load BORAX4.WAD you would start boom with the commandline parameter

-file BORAX4.WAD.

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